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A platform to discover and shop the coolest emerging fashion designers from around the world


Coterique: Coterie + Boutique
Coterie |ˈkōtərē; ˌkōtəˈrē| A major emerging designer biannual trunkshow in New York
Boutique |boōˈtēk| A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
Roaming through the streets of Tokyo and Seoul in 2014, founder Dana Khater found herself meeting many talented emerging designers. When she inquired where she’d be able to buy their products once she was back home in Cairo, most of them gave her their email or Wechat contact info to stay in touch. Frustrated at the idea of having to process orders via email, Dana pivoted Coterique to become a platform for designers, such as the ones she met during her time in Asia, to sell globally without a hassle. Now, the Coterique outreach team is based out of both Cairo & NYC and is constantly scouting the world for up and coming designers to add to the platform.

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Dana Khater

Founder & CEO

“ There are 75 fashion weeks outside of New York, London, Milan & Paris and we’re on a mission to find and help designers from those countries to grow globally!”


Dana is a graduate of the American University in Cairo (2015) with a bachelors degree in Economics. She also studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan and studied fashion design online via The Academy of Art San Francisco. Prior to founding Coterique, Dana also founded VITRINA (the first fashion magazine at AUC) in order to provide students with a platform to express themselves creatively. Dana served as Editor-in-Chief for three years through which she helped form partnerships between VITRINA and the leading boutiques and hotels in Cairo. During her time, the VITRINA team flew to Aswan to shoot at the Cataract for their Back to our Roots issue, styled advertisements for the Four Seasons Giza and even helped kickstart the careers of some members who later went on to found their own studios. Having spent half of her life in Dubai and witnessing firsthand the exponential boom, she is intent on developing and promoting the region as not only a retail hub but a design hub.

OUR fantasticcrew


Designer & Boutique Outreach

What are some of your office essentials?

My Macbook, iPhone, Vaseline, Bare Minerals tinted hydrating gel & Noqta notebook.


Communications Officer

What's the best advice you ever received?

The way you see the world is a reflection of how you see yourself. If you're negative you'll always see everything in a dim light. Same goes for love if you don't love yourself first you won't be able to properly love anyone else.


Designer & Boutique Outreach

What is your first fashion memory?

Going to the Louis Vuitton flagship on Champs-Élysées in Paris. The second I stepped into the iconic store, and saw the floor to ceiling displays, I knew I was among some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I spent two hours walking around with my mother, looking for the perfect piece to commemorate the experience. The purse I got that day is still my favorite in the world.


Marketing Strategist

Who are your favorite fashion designers right now?

Mine come in two’s: Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana. To me, the duo represent the history and culture behind Italian fashion; the dips and revivals, the wow’s and the aww’s, the confidence and femininity.